ACIG – Full Q1 Video Conference

The Built-in Benefit of Big Conferences Moving to Online-only Formats

Something that most everyone at Hotbed has experienced during their video production careers is the challenge of capturing a live event or conference in preparation for distribution after the event has concluded. Factors such as cost, logistics, and purpose always plague the planning in a way that we’ve seen it fizzle out desires. Capturing a big conference over several days ends up being so tough or prohibitive, that many clients settle with the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).


Large Conference Video Shooting and Rapid Production

Of course…in a post-2020 world, this has all massively turned around, as conferences move exclusively to an online-only format. Now, suddenly, every conference can be offered for viewing quickly after the event happens! Which is what we connected with ACIG to do with their Q1 week-long conference.

Hotbed Media ACIG Video Conference.jpg

Altogether, there was roughly 22 hours of conference video footage that needed split and lightly edited. For something like this, all there really is to it is to organize based on priority and then whittle away at the content. We engaged one of our favorite Colorado-based video editors for backup help and got ACIG the content they were looking for.

Now ACIG has the potential to provide videos of the whole conference to anyone, all the talks given, and any specific topic to anyone they want. In our perspective, it’s a massive win to have these conferences available in video format, as you’re making it work around your viewer’s schedule, rather than a specific time, and you have a future repository of video content that can always be referenced back to whenever there’s any question or need.

ACIG Video Conference 3.jpg

Will The Future Be Video Conferences or Live, In-person Conferences?

Who knows if future conferences will stay completely virtual; certainly there are benefits to in-person conferences that virtual ones can’t offer, so it seems likely that it’s a means to an end. Offering a conference both live and over video conferencing also seems unlikely, at least long-term, as it’s just two wildly different formats. So for now, the availability of a full virtual conference may be part of the time we’re living in.

Either way, Hotbed would love to work with you on your conference and how best to capture video of the specific event, pandemics-not-withstanding!