Non-Profit: Awareness Video With Impact

Hotbed Helps Tell a Story

The Women’s Fund is Central Ohio’s standard-bearer for the lives, rights, and opportunities for women and girls in the state. Since Hotbed’s leadership is comprised largely of women, this partnership was a natural fit.

The organization needed away to communicate at their annual fundraiser the critical, life-changing work they do for women. The fundraiser event was planned down to the minute, so the approach needed to be compact and compelling while also include many voices and points of view make sure their many areas of focus were presented.

Video Storytelling Makes the Biggest Impact

Hotbed determined that a video approach would be the best course of action because it could present the most information in the shortest, most compact but impactful way. Interviewing several people on camera would allow for variety and diversity, and lend credibility to this large audience.

With the non-profit edict of making the most of our material, Hotbed Media shot two full days of interviews and distilled the incredible stories into several videos sharing impact, knowledge, emotion, and the need for continued support.

The videos were designed to be re-purposed as evergreen culture messages, and footage has been used in subsequent specific messaging throughout the year.

Stokes McIntyre