Employee Retention in a Pandemic

Gallup says that the current cost to replace a single employee is roughly 2 times their salary. We’re in a pandemic, so while voluntary turnover is not happening at the same volume, the rigorous work of replacing a key staff member is scarier – and more expensive – than ever. So how do you retain your best folks and keep your bottom line focused on productivity?

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How Video Helps You Connect

Corporate video has been on the rise for years, buoyed by the wave of accessible technology, faster internet, and more affordable gear. Video’s greatest strength is the power of connection. Are you using video to connect with your clients, employees and fans? :

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Stokes McIntyre
Healthy, Effective Risk Communication Tips

We are all in the midst of new territory with COVID-19. Our teams, stakeholders, clients and customers are concerned – not just for their own health, but for the disruption in work, services and daily life.

As we’ve observed, communication – clear, consistent and meaningful communication – saves lives and lessens risk. It also provides comfort and reassurance to audiences who need it more than ever.

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Hotbed Helps Plan Columbus ADDY Awards, Creates Video Opener

This year, Hotbed’s team got the opportunity to be involved in planning this year’s American Advertising Awards competition in Columbus. With our Executive Producer on the Advertising Federation of Columbus Board of Directors as well as co-chairing the event, there were a lot of moving parts to plan throughout the past 9 months!

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Video Investment - What Matters

52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best return on investment. (highiq.com) But organizations are learning that, just like any first impression, the quality and effectiveness of the video does make a difference – both in your brand perception and in your overall ROI.

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