Corporate Interview Video Vignettes - FocusCFO

Using Valuable Interview Time with Multiple Players for Maximum Output


A key internal focus for Hotbed is efficiency in our work. We want to create the most useable video content possible out of everything we shoot, design or collect. We all have experience with being on set and shooting with someone who barely has the time to be on camera, or working with someone who may need more than their budget could allow.

So, if you find yourself working with us on your corporate video, we’re inevitably going to bring you our thoughts and possible options on how to maximize your investment. It was this skill that FocusCFO valued when we partnered with them to create five interview videos around the services they offer.


Getting the Most Out Of Video Interview Time

We had time and budget for three interviews – two big players within FocusCFO, and one satisfied client of theirs. As expected of a CFO-focused company, all three of these subjects had a limited time they could offer us for shooting. By the nature of their work, we had to be quick and efficient with their time. So we worked with them to outline five different videos that could serve five different audiences;

  • New leads

  • New clients

  • New referrals

  • Potential employees

  • Anyone on the fence

 Knowing these uses, we were able to go into the interviews prepared to get information related to each of these needs.


Your Video Production Partner

In the end, we actually came out with six interview videos total, as we found that our satisfied client had enough to say about the company that we were able to make two testimonial videos.

Hotbed does offer creative video content to fit your needs, but our experience and direction help elevate us to more than just a video production vendor. We want to work with you as a partner to meet your needs completely, in the most efficient ways possible.

Stokes McIntyre