In our experience, culture-focused content can be:


This messaging can easily become banal as everyone wants to be the company that cares. Your core values may, in fact, be the same as everyone else’s.

Top Heavy

Culture videos and presentations can have messaging that resonates with the C-Suite but fails to reach the broader workforce or the customers.


And, culture messaging can often lack authenticity if it’s scripted or over-produced.

It Doesn't Have to Be That Way

Authenticity and objectivity are key to making a culture messaging video project successful. Hotbed follows a process that takes an investigative approach to understanding your culture and creates real, meaningful messaging that truly resonates. We also ensure that both major and minor talking points are captured, building opportunities for long-term and long shelf-life projects down the road.

Culture videos can be tuned toward your workforce or your customer (or both!). They need to give an accurate view of what it’s like to work for you and with you. These videos need to transmit the most important values of the company. They help people understand WHY your company exists, HOW you work with others, and WHAT makes you worth working with and for.

Companies "phoning in" their culture are easier to ferret out, and audiences can be quick to turn away from an organization that doesn’t feel real. Making a culture message in video or other platform is part of branding but it’s more than that - well done culture communications strengthen bonds between the organization and its employees. It establishes credibility and realism with prospective hires. It conveys humanity and personality to customers. And it strengthens all other messages of quality, commitment and service. This is your chance to connect with people and help them understand why it’s worth working with you.


Case Studies


These case studies demonstrate how well-produced culture video and messaging can have an impact in many areas of your business.


Ready to build your culture?

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