Get the Most out of your Corporate Video Investment

Good video can be pricey – we totally get it! The effort to strategize, concept, create and execute an effective video for your company involves a base level of financial and mental commitment.

Video is also effective, and businesses are catching on to the multiple uses of video. 84% of enterprise organizations now report using video for five or more purposes, and 28% report using video for nine or more purposes.

At Hotbed, we’re all about making sure our clients have the opportunity to get the most out of any video project we create. So how can you work with your in-house team or video partner to get the same value?

Plan Ahead:

  • Outline the primary business challenge to be solved with the video. Then – think of what additional challenges could be solved with some planning. For example: If you need an animated branding or explainer video, how could the video speak to both clients and employees? How could portions of the video be used for social media or in presentations?

  • If you’re planning to interview, some simple planning can really help. If the focus of the interview is culture, plan ahead to ask some recruitment, mentorship, training, or marketing questions as well. Asking extra questions now can allow for all sorts additional video material later.

Make Hay:

  • A treasured client once said ‘Let’s make hay with this footage’ – and it’s become Hotbed’s mantra. Ask your video partner for ways to take the b-roll you’ve created and re-purpose it for other areas. Short 5-10 second moments can be used on social, one-line sound bites can be used on a website to describe core values, or you can sometimes even pull still images from high resolution footage! (If you’re interested in this – make sure to talk to your video partner ahead of time – planning makes perfect!)

Play Both Angles:

  • If you are making a marketing video, think about how it could be re-used for training. If you are making a recruitment video, think about how it could be re-positioned for culture. Don’t cut the efficacy of your original video’s intent – but if a single message can be used for multiple audiences, your video partner can help execute small changes to make that happen. That can include small graphic changes in the open/closing titles, removing/replacing small portions of content, or changing the music.

Are you maximizing your video investment? Let us know!