How Video Helps You Connect

Corporate video has been on the rise for years, buoyed by the wave of accessible technology, faster internet, and more affordable gear. Video’s greatest strength is the power of connection.

Are you using video to connect with your clients, employees and fans? Here are some key ways:

Small Businesses: 

  • Polish and sophistication: Your products and services are great - help your customers connect to your brand as well as your offerings with quality video.

  • Product features: These can be tricky to write about, and challenging to bring to life. Video can quickly communicate these features while displaying the product in a kinetic and entertaining way. Product videos have been shown to boost conversions time and time again.

  • Look bigger: Every small business has struggled with leveling up their image to match their abilities. When looking to grow, videos that raise awareness, explain the business or introduce your services can help. In fact, companies that use video report growing revenue 49% faster than those that don’t.

Larger Organizations:

  • Look more human: Do you struggle to show your clients how you care? Does your industry have a cold or impersonal reputation? Videos featuring staff and leadership creates a one-on-one opportunity to introduce yourself and your company’s personality to consumers. Here’s a great article on humanizing benefits of video.

  • Engage employees: Now more than ever, staff engagement is key. With video, your team can use animation to deliver core values, critical training, and new internal developments with poise and control.

  • Content Content Content: 64% of viewers make a purchase decision after viewing social video content! Our company social media, news feeds and email marketing campaigns have become expected and required. These efforts are now trackable, so if a video helps lead to a sale or a new relationship, you’ll be able to know how and why it was effective! 


  • Bring it to life: A non-profit fights for a cause. As busy, overstimulated people, your audience may struggle to realize the necessity to support or donate. Bring your cause to life with video stories, interviews and imagery that help the public connect the dots. Remember, viewers retain 95% of material viewed in a video - so take advantage!

  • Appeal to a wider base: Sending a video into the world is easier than ever. It allows you to connect with people worldwide, if you’d like. Keep the message grassroots, and the reach can be global.

  • A lot for a little: Video has become affordable - but choosing a professional video partner does not lock you into a scary price tag. Most reputable shops offer discounts and allyship to help you accomplish your video goals while being good stewards of your fundraising.  This article explains the main types of videos nonprofits rely on.

Found a new way to connect with video? Let us know!

Stokes McIntyre