10 Great Tech Tools for Managing Employee Perks and Benefits

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This Week:  Top 10 Tech Tools for Perks and Benefits

Much has been made of the fact that today’s candidates want meaningful work above all else. That may be true, but the smartest recruiters know it isn’t as simple as it sounds. In order to attract the best and brightest, companies should be offering meaningful work in addition to competitive compensation packages.

Compensation is more than a paycheck: It’s the whole suite of benefits employees earn by working for you, including bonuses, health insurance, learning/development opportunities, laptop allowances, and more.

Want to make sure you’re giving workers a world-class compensation package? Check out the following ten tech tools that can help you take perks and benefits to a whole new level:

1. Benevity


One often overlooked but nevertheless powerful benefit: corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs that offer employees the opportunity to give back to their communities.

Benevity’s “Goodness Platform” is a great option for organizations looking to implement such CSR initiatives. Employees can use the platform to sign up for volunteer programs, make donations, and track their charitable activities. You can even reward your CSR superstars with additional funds for their favorite causes!

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2. Benefitfocus


Benefitfocus takes a marketplace approach to healthcare, allowing employees to select packages tailored to their individual needs while assisting employers with the design and administration of plans that actually fit their workforces. In this way, Benefitfocus is a great antidote to lackluster, one-size-fits-all healthcare options that treat employees as interchangeable units instead of living, breathing people.

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3. Guild Education


Guild Education traffics in the relatively new realm of “education as a benefit.” Partnering with more than 80 universities, Guild Education lets employees build custom education programs with the help of an academic coach and any tuition assistance funding an employer might offer. Guild Education is a classic win-win: Employees get to pursue fields they find inspiring, and your company gets a more skilled and competent workforce.

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4. SyncStream


You know what’s nerve-racking? Trying to make sure your business is in total compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). You know what’s even more nerve-racking? Realizing you have no idea what U.S. healthcare laws might look like in the coming months.

SyncStream is here to ease your worry: The company’s products are built specifically to help tackle the challenge of ACA reporting and compliance. SyncStream is also aware of how uncertain the future of healthcare legislation is in the U.S., so it employs a team of top healthcare reform experts to ensure its products are always up to date.

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5. Perks WW

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 2.00.35 PM

Give your employees more than a hardy handshake when they exceed expectations with Perks WW, a comprehensive rewards fulfillment service. From sales incentives to employee recognition, Perks can handle most any rewards initiative your company has going. Oh, and it can help with your safety and wellness programs, too.

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6. Zipongo


Zipongo is a digital nutrition app used by numerous Fortune 1000 companies to help employees live healthier lives.

Zipongo can be used both at home and at work, assisting employees in fine-tuning recipes, planning meals, making healthy choices at the company cafeteria, and ordering smart choices when they opt for takeout.

Unlike a lot of other company-sponsored nutrition programs, Zipongo isn’t creepy or invasive. Instead, it’s a convenient app employees can use as they please.

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7. Enrich


Employee wellness programs have been popular for some time now, but a new kind of benefit has been on the rise in their wake: employee financial wellness programs. If you’d like to help your employees improve their financial situations, consider springing for Enrich, a comprehensive platform that teaches financial literacy while educating employees on the various benefits available from your company.

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8. Zenefits


To call Zenefits a “perks and benefits solution” is a bit of an understatement. Sure, the platform can manage everything from basic medical plans to commuter benefits and flexible spending accounts, but it can also do payroll, hiring, onboarding, time-tracking, and a whole lot more. If you want your benefits administration built right into your HR software, Zenefits is your go-to.

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9. Artemis Health


Going the self-insurance route? Then you’ll want to check out Artemis Health, a self-described “cheat code” for your benefits program. Essentially, Artemis Health is a set of data analytics tools designed to help you assess the efficiency and effectiveness of your benefits program. We’re not just talking diagnostics: In addition to zeroing in on spending problems, Artemis Health also helps you find and track solutions, thereby minimizing waste and maximizing value.

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10. CommonBond


Eighty percent of millennials want their employers to offer student loan management assistance, but only 4 percent of businesses currently do. Join that elite group with CommonBond, a platform that helps employees manage their student loans and gives businesses an easy way to make student loan contributions one of their flagship benefits offerings. The talent will start flocking to you in no time.

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