10 Recruiting Apps You Should Download (If You Haven’t Already)

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This Week: Top 10 Apps for Recruiters

What are apps for if not making our lives easier? (Or draining hours out of our days – I’m looking at you, Candy Crush.) Today, we’re highlighting 10 apps that can help recruiters in particular become more effective, more efficient, and way less stressed at work.

Not every one of these apps is strictly speaking a “recruiting app,” but every single one does offer some tangible benefits for recruiters. So read on to learn about 10 apps you should download to your phone ASAP – if you haven’t already, that is.

1. Evernote


I don’t think there has ever been a single roundup of recruiting apps (or business apps in general) that didn’t include Evernote – and there’s a good reason why. To put it simply, Evernote is the note-taking app. It syncs across your devices, which means you can access notes you’ve written on your phone via your desktop automatically. Evernote also makes it really easy to share notes between people, which is especially useful for the recruiting process, where collaboration is the name of the game.

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2. ProsperWorks


ProsperWorks bills itself as a “zero-input CRM platform.” What does that mean? It means you don’t have to do any data entry. ProsperWorks takes care of all of that automatically. It gathers contact info and tracks activity without you having to lift a finger. For recruiters, that means spending more time actually working with candidates – not hunched over a keyboard, updating your databases

If our praise isn’t convincing enough for you, you should know that ProsperWorks comes recommended by none other than Google. Don’t you want to be like Google? (The answer should usually be yes.)

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3. InstaJob


Want to get a little more creative with your job advertisements on social media? InstaJob is the app for you: It can turn any picture into a job ad, which you can then share across social platforms.

Here’s what Rob Boirun of Reviewster had to say when he recommended the app to us: “InstaJob is a must for recruiters so that you can reach more potential hires via social media. It basically creates attractive Instagram-type images onto which you can put any marketing message you want. This is one of the easiest ways that I use to find new talent through my social media channels, and my pictures always get shared around, which expands the reach for each job listing.”

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4. Headspace

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 2.58.49 PM

It’s true that Headspace isn’t a recruiting app. Heck, it’s not even a business app – it’s a meditation app!

But recruiting can be a super stressful career. Between impatient hiring managers, flaky candidates, and a mountain of open reqs, it’s easy for even the best of us to get overwhelmed. That’s when you whip out Headspace to destress.

Daniel Mulec, an Austrian writer of self-help books, told us that Headspace was “the greatest meditation app out there. Everyone needs to combat stress, and meditation is the best method to do that.”

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5. Discoverly


If Headspace wasn’t a recruiting app, Discoverly isn’t even an app. It’s a browser plugin. But it’s an excellent plugin that every recruiter should have installed.

Discoverly basically unifies all your social media platforms. If you’re looking at a candidate’s profile on LinkedIn with Discoverly enabled, you’ll also be able to see if you have any mutual friends on Facebook with that candidate without leaving LinkedIn. The plugin also lets you see a candidate’s LinkedIn and Facebook information when you’re browsing their Twitter profile or looking them up on CrunchBase. Discoverly does more, too, but listing all of its features would just take too long.

(Thanks to Kristin Fretz of Betts Recruiting, who nominated Discoverly for inclusion on this list.)

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6. InterQ

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 3.09.48 PM

InterQ aims to make interviews more valuable by turning them into real, substantial conversations – not the awkward Q&A sessions they usually turn into. The app works like so: Ahead of the interview, the candidate receives a few questions via the app. The candidate answers the questions, and the app uses their answers to generate a discussion guide the interviewer can use to make sure the interview is actually meaningful and relevant.

Kylie McCready, a senior tech recruiter at Aplin Information Technology, says that InterQ “totally puts a different spin on the whole recruitment process and really sets you apart from other staffing agencies/recruiters. Not to mention, how cool is it for a candidate to get interactive with a fun mobile app on their iPhone/iPad instead of sitting in a chair with a clipboard and pen, filling out a bunch of forms?”

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7. CamCard


Andrew Reeves, founder and CEO of Luxe Translation, put CamCard on our radar. He also gives the most convincing argument as to why you need this app: “I am not good at keeping physical business cards. When someone at an event gives me a business card, it is pretty much guaranteed I will never see that card again. I will either misplace it or put it in one of my pockets and forget about it. With CamCard, I can save business cards to my phone and have them with me at all times. I can search the content, too. Plus, I can exchange my business card with other people electronically.”

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8. Crowdfire


Crowdfire is a “friend management platform” for Twitter and Instagram. Not sure what that has to do with recruiting? Neither were we, until we heard from Barb Agostini, managing partner at Recruiting Social: “I use Crowdfire to keep on top of key areas of interest and people on Twitter and Instagram. I preload keywords – can be general terms like “recruiting” or specific to a job title – and receive recommendations of people to follow. It also keeps me on top of who has started following me, who engages the most with my content, and who is unfollowing me.”

In other words: Crowdfire is a great way to manage your relationships with potential candidates on social media.

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9. Zero


If you’re a recruiter, your inbox is probably frustratingly full at all moments. Heck, I only write about recruiting, and clearing my inbox is a Sisyphean task. I do not envy people who do the actual recruiting in this regard.

That being said, there is a solution to the overstuffed inbox: Zero, an email client for Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and Outlook that makes it easier to sort and read your emails in a snap. My favorite part of the app is the summary cards, which give you a quick look at what each email contains. That way, you don’t have to actually open and read everything in your inbox. If the summary is junk, then the message is junk. Toss it and move on to more important things.

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10. Weave


We’re sorry, but most of you reading this will never get to use Weave. You have to apply for membership, and the app only accepts 28 percent of applications. That’s a lower acceptance rate than some colleges!

But there’s a reason why Weave is so exclusive: The app sends each user a personalized professional introduction to another user every week, based on users’ shared interests and goals. It’s the ultimate way to build your talent pipeline, expand your referral network, and build your client base – but only if you can actually get in first.

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By Matthew Kosinski