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Tech: Platform Education

Manley Deas Kochalski (MDK) is a top law firm in Columbus, Ohio. MDK’s needs were not unusual - they had an innovative data technology platform they valued and wanted to create some training that would help their users understand how to use it. They also wanted to show potential customers of the platform the benefits of their system over the usual paperwork-filled way.

However, MDK was relatively green to using video training to support their services, and wasn’t entirely sure what type of training would be best for their needs. And that’s the point at which they brought us on - to help provide direction and manage the process of creating a training video for them.

Right off the bat, they gravitated towards our work with Mindforge on their app adoption campaign. MDK loved the feeling of that training video experience, but but didn’t want the same exact thing - they wanted less character and more focus on the platform. So we pulled together some references and inspiration into a video mood board:

Initial video training mood board created to define the overall motion concept.

Initial video training mood board created to define the overall motion concept.

We pulled some light direction from the rounded line featured in their logo, and MDK graciously allowed us a lot of creative flexibility to tell their story. We wanted to retain some of the character of the Mindforge training video without crossing the line from elegant to whimsical. So the line direction was pushed farther and some iconography was brought in to support the messaging:


We landed on these frames for both videos, and the project took off once MDK saw it and indicated they were all in.

Overcoming Video Content Challenges

The biggest challenge of the project actually came about in MDK’s data technology platform “tutorial” elements. We would typically seek platform access for content like this, but the legal confidentiality of MDK’s platform caused some issues. Instead, we actually had them walk us through the platform like they would any of their clients, recording, asking questions and doing a few specific retakes.

We knew we wanted to show the website as literally as we could - we didn’t want the user to have a disconnect from watching the training video and actually using the tool. So the loads, movements and content locations all are true to the platform. We added the mouse in post-production as a means to draw the viewer’s eye where it needed to be in order to show how to use the tool. You can see it in the video below at 0:43 and 1:07:

With product training videos of this kind, access to the technology platform or tool is the most important variable. But sometimes getting full access is just not feasible. It’s great then to have flexibility and options to fall back on, even if it means animating a mouse by hand!

Video Training for Confidential or Proprietary Subjects

Here at Hotbed Media, we’ve got a ton of experience with this kind of tutorialized video content production and design. Encompassing a range of options depending on access level, we can help you show your tool to new and current users in the best possible light, even if the subject of your training video is proprietary and needs to be protected.

Stokes McIntyre