What is it? One animated explainer video, running between 90-120 seconds, tailored to fit your business needs and get measurable results!

Watch this video to learn about the package!


What’s included in this package?

  • Creative Concept - what is the video about and what does it look like?

  • Scripting

  • Design

  • Creation of video - including edit, music, narration and graphics

What can it do for my business? Your motion graphics videos can teach clients how to work with you, explain your services, recruit new team members, brand your business, highlight products, deliver touch-less orientations or share your core values.

Why choose the motion graphics video package? Animated videos are polished, professional, and put focus on your brand. This video allows you to be in full control of the script, the visuals, and the message. If you need to explain something complex, want the meaning to be clear, or want to increase brand engagement, this is the right video for you. 

Where can I use videos from this package? On your website or social media, with email introductions, during presentations, to recruit, and to fill any gaps in your communications.


Your Investment: Starts at $3500 (over 4 milestones)

Want this package?

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What could my videos look like?