Solar: Municipal Awareness through Educational Video

Municipalities Lead the Push for Solar

Solar energy is the future, and new breakthroughs in technology are making it more accessible than ever. Interestingly, the pioneers of normalizing solar have often been local municipalities. The City of Cambridge, a suburb of Boston, has been focusing its efforts on bringing solar and other low-emissions technology to their civic buildings, and the King Open School is the latest achievement – in partnership with CED Greentech.

Education Video Tells the Story

Hotbed and CED Greentech developed a strategy to best convey the benefits of solar through municipal development. Part of the initiative included an educational video experience that was inspiring and urgent. Interviews with key stakeholders wove a story of the need for alternative energy at large, the methods and theories behind the school’s impressive design, and the ethos for educating our next generation. Mixed with beautiful drone video and architectural site footage, this educational video really captured the emotion behind the building and allowed the passion for the project shine through.

Stokes McIntyre