Construction: Narrative Video Learning

Hotbed Media uses film making experience to create video stories

Mindforge’s mission is to simplify workforce communication and enhance safety through a variety of learning components. Part of this effort includes multimedia training in the form of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and video for training and education.

Mindforge and Hotbed engaged in construction workforce research together which uncovered that interactive, peer-to-peer experiences were the most effective in driving behavioral changes that curb serious injury and fatalities in the construction industry among frontline construction workers.

Training videos use real world experiences

Hotbed’s history of filmmaking was leveraged to create a set of narrative “Story Videos” for the Mindforge training platform to best convey the need for behavioral change among these frontline construction workers.

The set of 8 narrative training videos were based on real construction tragedies that could have been prevented with training principals outlined in the coursework. Rather than re-enact the scenes, these videos focused on interviewing the survivors, families and colleagues of the victims about details surrounding the accidents. Professional talent, subject matter experts, real heavy machinery and commitment to accuracy were all employed during the production and post production of this 3-month video training project.

Stokes McIntyre