Insurance: Orientation Video Experience

On-boarding with Video Solves Several Challenges

Delta Dental’s nationwide reach is an achievement but also tests their ability to onboard their staff in a way that’s consistent, interesting and accurate. One of the challenges we were given was how to explain their specific corporate structure while drawing on the key cultural principals that guide their employees and brand.

Hotbed worked with Delta Dental to study different platform options for conveying important on-boarding information sets in a way that’s short, consistent and engaging.

Producing an Engaging Training Video

Determining that video would be the best platform for meeting all these demands, Hotbed developed a fun, full-motion graphic video experience that draws on Delta Dental’s playful, youthful culture while casually explaining everything their staff needs to know.

Distillation and clarity were huge guiding principles for Hotbed to create the video – understanding and living the culture for ourselves as we strove to communicate these principles to Delta Dental’s employees. Quick linear movement, bright brand colors and shapes, and a friendly peer’s voice create a relaxed, engaging video encounter.

We connected with Hotbed after having a false start with another vendor, and needed to make sure this video came out successfully. Our video was a combination of branding, employee engagement and orientation content. Hotbed worked with us to really understand the key messaging, how our viewers would best engage and how best to tell the story visually and audibly. They created a fun, playful and informative video that was able to explain a lot of complex information while also making our employees feel excited about joining Delta Dental. The feedback from our employees have been excellent, and we look forward to working with them again!
— Trisha Garcia, Employer Brand Lead, Delta Dental Ins.
Stokes McIntyre