Hotbed is a video production and content studio specializing in consulting, strategizing, and creating dynamic education videos and projects..

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Hotbed Media is a visual content company that strategizes,
creates and delivers projects in video, print, web and more.


Our consultative process (tested over 20 years!) allows us to help diagnose your business challenge and provide a suite of solutions to make sure your company is communicating effectively.

The process is also unique, in that companies can slot in at any phase. You may already know how best to solve your business problem, but need guidance in strategy and execution. You may just need implementation assistance and management. Whatever stage you find yourself in, Hotbed is ready to support.


The Hotbed Process

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1. Plan

Every project’s success hinges on the planning phase. We examine and seek to understand your business problem from every angle, and collectively devise the best course of action to make your video, print, digital or event project successful.



Our consultation is the kick off to a time-tested process where we seek to understand WHY. It centers around discussion - recognizing your business challenge, learning about your audience, their communication needs, and how best to relate to them. We also examine existing methods and their strengths/weaknesses, as well as best practices for delivering the message to your audience. The result is a comprehensive brief that lays the foundation for the steps to come. To schedule your consultation, contact us today.

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We then craft an approach that solves the business challenge through a variety of mediums. The strategy is shared and refined in partnership with your team, and we collectively agree on methods that will be most effective.

2. Create

Based on the learnings from phase one, we build a plan of action for your project, then assemble our award-winning team of strategists, artists and producers to bring the project to life.



The next stage is to learn. Our team works with your subject matter experts - including your employees, your clients, and your leadership - to establish a better understanding of the content we'll create. We also dive into raw materials to become SMEs on the content ourselves, and ensure that our findings match your goals.

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Now it’s time to make! Our agreed upon strategy is initiated through the creation of video, websites, spoken word scripts, AR/VR, quiz/testing material, events, text message campaigns and more.  The goal is to develop expert solutions conceived in all our previous phases.


3. Measure

How will your audience see your video, download your training app or understand your culture podcast? The final phase of Hotbed’s process is to ensure the work reaching your audience and effectively delivering your message.



We work with your stakeholders to vet your current implementation methods and suggest deployment techniques to ensure successful viewership and retention. Whether through your company intranet or our best-in-class platform, we’ll make sure your content is ready for action.

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Success Measurement

Finally, we observe. We measure efficacy through a variety of ways, and make ongoing suggestions for improvement to the message, the deployment method, or even the medium. We can provide insight on what is/isn’t working, why, and how to enhance. The result is a lasting partnership where mutual learning is fostered and everyone benefits.


We’ve created over 700 video PROJECTS ON TIME and ON BUDGET.

Now it’s time to make yours.