In our experience, skill-focused video content can be:

One Dimensional

People learn effectively in different ways, but generally speaking - deploying your training with a single demonstration, a document or a powerpoint leaves a lot of room for error.


Details and steps can be missed, causing the student to not retain the visual content. Effective training includes knowing how your viewers learn and how to create a correct, consistent experience.

A "Checked Box"

Most often, training "checks the boxes" without any follow-up to make sure your training is actually successful, memorable and useful. Video training can be tested and retention verified.

It Doesn't Have to Be That Way

Training has a direct correlation to performance, employee retention and quality. These are some of the biggest tent poles our organizations use to determine success. It’s important to invest in the growth of these areas to show your employees that you believe in what you’re teaching, and in their role in the overall performance of the organization.


Case Studies

These case studies represent a few examples of how Hotbed uses training videos and other video content methods to create engaging and memorable training and brand-building.


Ready to teach some skills?

The first step is our consultation process. Together, we’ll seek to understand the current challenge, learn what exists/existed to solve it previously, and work to find the path forward.