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Smart Tech Oct 6, 2022
Are AI Job Interviews Really Effective?

Companies are always looking for practical AI tools to make recruitment easier and more efficient. With increasing numbers of applications to screen, recruiters often struggle to streamline a growing workload, making AI recruiting tools an appealing solution.  More companies are turning to automated video interview software to minimize hire time, help recruiters screen more applicants...

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Smart Tech Oct 4, 2022
Bringing Predictive Analytics into Recruitment

It is harder to find and keep great talent. However, poor hires are easy to make and have many adverse effects on firms, including decreased productivity, harm to their brand, and high turnover rates. As a result, businesses stand to lose much more than just money. Poor employees' effects on the company frequently also give hiring managers a negative reputation. Therefore, it is imperative...

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Smart Tech Sep 27, 2022
4 Compelling Benefits of Recruitment Automation that HR Leaders Shouldn't Overlook in 2022

Automation technology is rapidly transforming the talent acquisition landscape today. According to HubSpot's recent "Recruiting Automation Trends" report, nearly 75% of recruitment agencies believe that technology will play an essential role in their talent acquisition strategy in the future to expedite their hiring processes. According to a recent study, 90% of businesses already use...

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Smart Tech Sep 20, 2022
Three State-of-the-Art Technology Innovations that are Transforming the Recruitment Landscape Rapidly

According to the State of Talent Acquisition 2019 annual report, one of the most significant problems organizations confront is talent acquisition. With technological advancements sweeping the market and a greater emphasis on skill evaluation, identifying high-potential talent before the competition has become a marathon. Additionally, as the employment process evolves from newspaper ads...

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Smart Tech Sep 19, 2022
How AI Can Actually Humanize the Candidate Experience

According to research by Forbes, 84% of business leaders believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will be the best way for businesses to acquire talent going forward. However, many people are still concerned that using this machine learning technology will dehumanize the recruiting process. But on the contrary, it can help human resources (HR) improve the hiring process and offer a...

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Smart Tech Sep 15, 2022
8 Key Ways to Leverage Video While Recruiting and Hiring

Welcome to Recruiter QA, where we pose employment-related questions to the experts and share their answers! Today's Question: Video is a powerful product marketing tool — but what about marketing your company to potential hires? In what way can companies effectively leverage video during the recruiting and hiring process? These answers are provided by the Young Entrepreneur Council...

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Smart Tech Sep 8, 2022
3 Exceptional Technological Innovations That Can Help HR Leaders in Hiring for Culture Fit

If you're wondering why most companies struggle to acquire top talent — and why keeping top performers often becomes a losing proposition — the answer could be as easy as hiring for culture fit. According to a Cubiks survey, 82% of respondents thought gauging cultural fit was an essential aspect of the hiring process. Yet, just 54% stated their companies had a clearly defined business...

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Smart Tech Sep 5, 2022
AI-Powered Recruitment: The Case for HR Efficiency

Talent acquisition teams are under increasing pressure to hire diverse, high-quality candidates, but existing traditional recruiting methods aren't effective, scalable, or sustainable.   The latest advancements in artificial intelligence are transforming hiring practices and how candidates are sourced.      How Startups Changed the HR Landscape with AI  Finding and recruiting...

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Smart Tech Aug 23, 2022
6 Extraordinary Recruitment Technology Trends Shaping Talent Acquisition

According to the State of Talent Acquisition 2019 annual report, one of the most significant problems organizations confront is talent acquisition. With technological advancements sweeping the employment market and a greater emphasis on skill evaluation, identifying high-potential talent before the competition has become a marathon. Additionally, as the recruiting process evolves from...

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Smart Tech Aug 22, 2022
Challenges of Using AI in Recruiting and How to Work Around Them

According to some research, 84% of business leaders anticipate that artificial intelligence (AI) in recruitment will help make companies more competitive when it comes to hiring. However, even though these leaders think that AI is the way of the future, many people are still concerned about AI's challenges. While these concerns are essential, there are ways to address them. Keep reading...

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Smart Tech Aug 18, 2022
Ultimate Guide of AI Recruiting Terms and Why You Need to Know Them

According to the latest research, 24% of businesses use artificial intelligence (AI) in their hiring process. However, it's becoming more common as companies try to find better hiring methods. But even though it's becoming more common in the employment market, recruiters and hiring managers are still confused about what AI is and how it's used in recruiting. Keep reading, and we'll break...

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Smart Tech Aug 17, 2022
The Labor Shortage: APIs To The Rescue

It's no secret that companies searching for and retaining top talent have faced more significant challenges over the past few years. As reported in May, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shared that a steep 4.5 million people had quit their jobs between March 2019 and March 2022. Society, in general, has experienced a shift within the labor market. Leaders in different industries are now...

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Smart Tech Aug 12, 2022
How Artificial Intelligence is Refining the Process of Hiring on a Low Budget

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the current buzzword in the business world. AI—or clever robots that can reason instinctively and make intelligent sense of massive data—is the new battleground that is churning many sectors, disrupting enterprises, and fueling new rivalries in the networked digital era amid a proliferation of smart gadgets and surge of Big Data.  It's severe enough...

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Smart Tech Aug 8, 2022
Is AI the Key to HR Success? How Automated Tech Helps Business Hire Faster and Fairer

After two turbulent years, businesses struggle to adapt to the post-pandemic workforce. Job openings are at an all-time high as Americans leave their companies in droves. In fact, 47.8 million workers quit their jobs throughout 2021, and in January 2022 alone, 4.3 million employees quit, leaving U.S. businesses with more than 11 million job openings.  The job market continues to...

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Smart Tech Aug 2, 2022
How Recruitment Automation Is Reshaping the Future of Hiring in 2022

Automation is proven to be the answer for the time-crunched human resource management services industry trying to hire top talent as quickly as possible. This trend is expected to continue through 2022.  In 2021, increased need for skill was a significant theme across businesses, and 2022 appears to be no different. In November, a record 4.5 million workers left their jobs, and iCIMS...

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Smart Tech Jul 18, 2022
AI Recruitment 2022: The Pros and Cons Every Recruiter Should Know

In the world of business, recruitment is vital for talent acquisition. The recruitment team is responsible for engaging with potential candidates, screening applicants, and hiring the right people. When done successfully, the company or organization will benefit from these employees who can contribute to its overall business success. In most cases, recruiters have two key metrics:...

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Smart Tech Jul 15, 2022
Key Talent Acquisition Tools for Hiring the Best Candidates in 2022

Technological breakthroughs are pushing the latest talent acquisition and recruitment trends in 2022. HR technology has gotten more intuitive, providing ideal information visibility to critical individuals. While recruiting teams and hiring managers are striving hard to find new technologies to stay ahead of the curve, a few others have successfully figured out how to profit from them. In...

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Smart Tech Jul 14, 2022
An Introduction to NLP and How it is Transforming Recruitment

According to research, making a poor hiring decision based on unconscious prejudices can cost a company up to 75% of that person's annual income. Therefore, it's critical to hire the appropriate personnel. However, deciding what is "correct" and what truly matters is solely a human prerogative. In the recruitment and staffing process, natural language processing's (NLP) role is to free up...

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Smart Tech Jul 13, 2022
AI-Based Resume Screening: Do You Actually Need It?

From recruiters' point of view, hiring specialists manually is a consistent routine. In the face of significant competition for qualified personnel, they have to spend a lot of time on monotonous work.  Despite limited resources, it is necessary to reach as large an audience as possible and find suitable personnel. It takes days and months to look at identical resumes and weeks to call...

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Smart Tech Jul 12, 2022
AI Recruiting: A Definitive Guide for Hiring Managers to Target Growth

Social media and blogs are pouring in endless explanations about how to "beat the bots" during interviews, leaving hiring managers and candidates questioning whether artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and AI-integrated solutions are actually beneficial. Undoubtedly, AI has left its mark across varied fields from healthcare to banking; and from scientific research to education, thus...

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Smart Tech Jul 6, 2022
Should Organizations Look to AI Tools for Hiring?

Whether or not we should be using AI in hiring is the wrong question. A better question is, how should AI be safely and ethically used to support more effective and fair hiring decisions? Why is the first question wrong? Because AI is just a statistical analysis tool, you should use it to process and understand jobs data. AI is generally not what people think it is. It is not an evil robot...

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Smart Tech Jul 1, 2022
The Future Of Recruiting Is AI-powered Assessments! But Don't Sweat It

Did you know that the more steps the hiring process includes, the less motivation the candidate has to take a position at the end of this path? However, another question appears: how can you be sure that you hire the best candidates after just one or two interviews? The answer is AI-powered hiring assessments. In this article, we want to show you how you can improve your hiring process and...

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Smart Tech Jun 28, 2022
Why AI Isn't Something Recruiters Should Be Scared Of

According to some research, 24% of companies are using artificial intelligence (AI) to acquire new talent. But if AI is so beneficial, why isn't that percentage higher? Some recruiters and businesses are hesitant to use AI for concerns that AI might take their job and replace humans. Or they're worried that it won't be able to replace human interaction fully and could hurt the...

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Smart Tech Jun 13, 2022
I Tried Recruiting With AI and Here's What Happened

A few years ago, we interviewed Saunghee Ko about using our AI software. She graduated from Princeton University and entered the business world. Before that, she interned in HR and recruiting departments in past summers, and while she liked it, she learned pretty quickly that the space had a lot of room for innovation. So, she went into the job search to find an innovative role in top talent...

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Smart Tech Jun 9, 2022
7 Different Ways AI Can Be Used in Recruiting

According to Forbes research, 55% of talent acquisition professionals in the United States use some form of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to support their hiring process. While more and more businesses are adopting AI and machine learning into their recruitment process, other companies are still confused about how to implement AI into their technology. But that's one of the best...

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Smart Tech Jun 3, 2022
Pros and Cons of Using AI in Recruiting

According to Forbes, 84% of business leaders have said that they believe artificial intelligence (AI) is the trend in the future that will help them stay competitive and have an advantage in the job market. While AI recruitment tools are powerful for hiring managers and recruiters, there are still some pros and cons to using them, especially in recruiting. However, do the pros outweigh...

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Smart Tech May 19, 2022
7 Features Every Company Should Look For in Recruiting Software

According to some research, 98% of Fortune 500 companies use recruiting software. When many companies are struggling to recruit talent, using software to find qualified candidates could be the answer to your company's recruitment problems. But if you're going to invest in recruiting software, you need to ensure that you choose the right solution for your business. Keep reading to...

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Smart Tech May 16, 2022
New Recruiting Software Updates: Find the Best Talent Faster

 This month, we're excited to announce new updates to our AI talent-matching platform that will shorten your time spent not only finding new candidates but also reaching out to them! We hope that you enjoy these updates as much as we do. Here's a quick summary of our (exciting!) new features: Improved search capability – search for candidates for your roles by current or...

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Smart Tech May 13, 2022
The 3 Unspoken Benefits of Buying AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is known for its benefits to businesses in improving efficiencies, reducing human errors, and even boosting revenues. With AI systems, you can help make customer service operations more efficient, recruit faster, make quality assurance technicians more effective, and HR managers a hundred times more productive by automating time-consuming tasks. However, when it...

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Smart Tech May 11, 2022
4 Signs Your Company Needs AI Recruiting Software

Did you know that 24% of businesses use artificial intelligence (AI) recruiting software? Many recruiters and hiring managers have discovered the benefits of using AI to enhance their recruiting process in the employment market. But how do you know if your business is ready to include the software into your business? If you're struggling to find great talent or just feel like your...

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Smart Tech May 10, 2022
The Best Companies Are Embracing Data-Driven Recruiting – Are You?

With unemployment rates starting to recover after the COVID-19 pandemic, it's natural to assume that employers are experiencing a challenging recruiting environment. The Great Resignation is also causing issues with hiring. While it can certainly appear daunting, taking this assumption at face value misses an equally crucial recruiting metric. The other key market trend to consider is...

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Smart Tech May 3, 2022
Will Artificial Intelligence Take My Recruiting Job? All You Need to Know About AI

A recent Gallup survey stated, "The media have reported extensively about the potential for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to eliminate large numbers of jobs across the U.S. economy, and Americans agree, with more than seven in ten saying AI will eliminate more jobs than it creates." What does that mean for a recruiter? Is this the beginning of the end? Will a machine be posting job...

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Smart Tech Apr 27, 2022
Why You Should Invest in Artificial Intelligence Recruiting Software

According to Forbes, 84% of business leaders believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will help businesses have a competitive advantage in the future. However, only 24% of companies are actually utilizing AI in the hiring process. Some businesses may not be using AI technology because they don't have a place in their budget for the software. However, like any other tool you might use for...

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Smart Tech Apr 21, 2022
The Ultimate Guide to Using AI in Recruiting

Some research suggests that 84% of business leaders believe that AI will help them hire in the future. However, many hiring managers, recruiters, and talent acquisition professionals still have questions about AI. Since it is a new technology, it can be challenging to understand and learn how to implement it into your recruiting process.  If your business is considering using the...

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Smart Tech Apr 20, 2022
How Companies Can Use AI to Reduce Bias in Hiring

According to industry insight, if a company makes a wrong hire based on any unconscious biases, this can cost the company up to 75% of that new hire's annual salary. Thankfully, artificial intelligence (AI) can help companies reduce human bias to make hires based on skills and talents. Right now, 24% of companies say that they're using AI to acquire talent. But 84% of hiring managers...

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Smart Tech Apr 13, 2022
Top 5 Reasons Companies Should Focus on Talent Intelligence

Some research found that 22% of global organizations say that they made a bad hire due to a lack of talent intelligence information. A few bad hires here and there are inevitable, but using talent intelligence can help decrease the number of bad hires you have. But what is talent intelligence, and why should companies care about it? In the future, talent intelligence will be one of the...

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Smart Tech Apr 8, 2022
Have Problems With Hiring? How Businesses Can Scale Hiring With AI Technology

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more popular, 24% of businesses have started using AI to acquire talent and solve problems in hiring. In addition, 56% of hiring managers say that they plan to use this technology in the future. As this technology becomes more popular and mainstream, many recruiters and hiring managers wonder how they can implement it into their recruiting...

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Smart Tech Mar 30, 2022
How Virtual Reality is Shaping the Future of Recruitment and Candidate Experience

Virtual reality (VR) was once primarily associated with gaming and visual effects (VFX). Those days are officially gone. Now virtual reality is incorporated into many other industries and domains. Its rapid evolution has made it a go-to resource for businesses worldwide during recruitment and training processes. Furthermore, it has revolutionized the candidate experience. Here are five ways...

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Smart Tech Mar 18, 2022
How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Recruiting Today

If you're an employer, then you know that the talent acquisition process can be a real challenge. You need to find the best candidates, and then screen them to make sure they're a good fit for your company. But what if there was a way to make the process easier? Thanks to artificial intelligence, that's now possible. AI recruiting software tools with machine learning technology can help you...

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Smart Tech Mar 9, 2022
Zoom Fatigue: A New Phenomenon and How to Combat It

It's the end of a long day of calls after calls after calls. You notice your back is tight, and you are physically and emotionally exhausted. You decide to cancel your plans since you're too tired to go out that night. And when you try to unwind for the evening, you notice that you're angry and find yourself snapping at everyone around you. Have you ever found yourself in a similar...

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Smart Tech Mar 3, 2022
5 Benefits of Recruiter.com's AI Talent Sourcing Tool

According to some research, 98% of Fortune 500 companies use some type of recruitment software. If your company isn't using some kind of recruiting software, you may fall behind and lose out on the best talent. However, only 24% of businesses use artificial intelligence (AI) technology for talent acquisition. But about 56% of managers said they want to adopt this technology in the...

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Smart Tech Mar 2, 2022
Why This Era of Recruitment Automation Is the Real Game-Changer

If this was still 2005 and Elon Musk was in his basement trying to figure out Space X, Tesla, or Neuralink, we could have easily brushed aside the idea of automation, especially in recruitment. But this is 2022. Hyper-automation, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies are stealing the limelight. We're sitting on a literal pile of technological fairy dust. Artificial Intelligence (AI)...

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Smart Tech Feb 28, 2022
What to Look for in HR Automation Tools for Your Candidate Screening Process

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, job openings hit a near-record high of 11 million in December 2021. As the numbers hold steady, it remains a candidate's market. Large numbers of workers are taking advantage of vacancies to find jobs with better pay, more flexibility, and substantial improvements to their quality of life. This phenomenon has been dubbed "The Great Resignation,"...

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Smart Tech Feb 28, 2022
AI-Powered Recruiting: The New Watchword for HR Leaders in 2022

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) technology transforms our lives by manifolds.  Like every other industry, this state-of-the-art innovation is gaining a lot of traction on the talent acquisition front. Per a recent survey, nearly 17% of organizations are already utilizing AI-powered solutions for HR operations, which is estimated to increase to 30% in 2022.  The growing trend of AI...

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Smart Tech Feb 23, 2022
How to Create a High-Impact AI Recruiting Strategy

Once believed to be the province of science fiction, artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming a reality and transforming many industries today, including talent acquisition.  As a recruiter, your strategy is the crux of your hiring process. While a robust one can help you formulate ways to reserve the top talent pool for your organization, an ineffective strategy can cost you all...

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Smart Tech Feb 1, 2022
How to Automate New Employee Onboarding

Have you ever had to send notifications about training manually? Or struggled to count the exact number of participants during a month? Or maybe you've gotten lost in the lists of interns and forgotten who attended what training? Things would be much easier if you automate such routine tasks, and that's when a learning management system (LMS) comes in.   This is a platform where...

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Smart Tech Jan 21, 2022
7 Benefits of Using Recruiter Software for Enterprises

With the competitive labor market today, recruiters cannot afford to be bogged down with paperwork and manual processes. The average recruiter spends nearly 14 hours per week on administrative tasks. Companies that are wasting their time on administrative tasks are being outmaneuvered by other companies that are using software to make automated and data-driven decisions for their hiring...

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Smart Tech Jan 14, 2022
How to Use Real-World Consumer Insights to Successfully Advertise Job Openings

As job openings hit a record high, employers face the challenge of finding qualified workers to fill their open roles during the time of the "Great Resignation." It's clear that the job advertising techniques that worked to attract candidates before the pandemic no longer cut it. Companies can enhance their digital ad campaign strategies and fill vacant positions by promoting job openings...

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