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How to Make a Video Fit a Variety of Platforms and Targets

One of our long-time partners had an interesting project for us recently – helping a non-profit organization meet their video messaging needs across several different platforms; YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

The approach was to use stock video footage in tandem with slick motion design to create a handful of short advertisements for the non-profit’s services. Our partner provided the general design, and we started there:


From that standard 1080 resolution for YouTube, we adjusted the content to fit LinkedIn’s needs:


As well as Facebook’s needs:


All while keeping to the same spirit of the design and motion of the brand. We also worked with both partners to make sure the message was being delivered to the right audience for each video, while doing the research on the best way to deliver the assets for the people who use these social channels.


Social Media Video Isn’t One-size-fits all

Sometimes sending to other social channels can feel like an afterthought or something that can just be done without changing anything, but actually spending the time to adjust to the proper size recommendations of that specific platform provides better results and strengthens your brand’s visibility in a viewer’s feed.

This was a very fun project for us, as we had several more of these adjustments to make for the different channels. The wide variety of content delivery platforms is something very important to keep in mind when developing your social media strategy, and it helps to partner with a passionate video partner who has plenty of experience working with some bizarre layouts!

Stokes McIntyre