Subtitles! [Smiling intensifies]

Subtitles are both criminally simple and criminally underused in corporate and commercial video. We do a ton of subtitling here at Hotbed, so we want to quickly lay it out for our followers.

Quick note: subtitles are different from captions. Basically, captions are meant for viewers who can’t hear, while subtitles are meant for viewers who can’t understand the language of the video. So captions need to capture relevant audio cues, like SFX and music, while subtitles only capture spoken and written words!

Why add subtitles?

When’s the last time you watched a video with the sound off? We bet you’ve done this in the last 24 hours. With smart phones and other devices making it easier to access video content, we can view things pretty much anywhere. Just because we can view it, does not mean we want everyone hearing what we’re viewing. People are watching video on public transit, while scrolling in line at the store, even in meetings! Adding subtitles ensures you can communicate all aspects of your message to your viewer, even with the sound off.

To add subtitles to your video, there are two simple options:

  • Run your video through an automated subtitling service.

  • Have your video subtitled via script or transcription by a human.

In our experience, an automated service usually hits about 80% accuracy, while human transcription is 99% accurate. However, there are cost differences that come with this accuracy, so be sure to weigh these options.

In the process of doing work with us, subtitles are always an offered component, so be sure to ask! And if you’ve got existing content needing subtitled, we’d be happy to help out there too.