Video Investment - What Matters

Looking for tips in how to best use your branding and training budgets for video and more?

Pervasive. Powerful. Attainable. Abundant. Video’s mark on the world, from current events to marketing and advertising, has certainly grown to embody each of these descriptors. It’s video’s ability to create instant connections that makes it such a valuable asset to individuals and companies alike.

In 2015, online videos took up 57% of consumer Internet traffic, and by 2017 that figure is estimated to rise to 69%. ( With our smart phones now shooting HD, there’s also that feeling that anyone, anywhere can make a video. It’s a glorious age for we video nerds.

If you’re a business looking to get your brand noticed, any advertising professional will tell you that video should be part of the arsenal. In fact, 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best return on investment. ( But organizations are learning that, just like any first impression, the quality and effectiveness of your video makes a difference – both in your brand perception and in your overall ROI.

How do you ensure your brand video makes the cut?

Check out these tips:

  • Quality Matters: The perception of your brand should reflect the quality of the products and services you provide. The easy availability of video equipment and gear, as well as online tutorials has given all of us the confidence to explore better ways to create video in our personal lives. But just like your own business, there is a level of quality and value in having seasoned professionals execute your video that hobbyists can’t match.

  • Value Matters: Speaking of value, how is that quantified in video form? The price tag on a video that effectively and beautifully communicates to your audience is certainly worth the overall investment. That’s why businesses as small as your local retailers, all the way up to global corporate entities choose video for their marketing needs. A well planned video from Hotbed can help shape your strategy, sell long distances where you can’t physically reach, and have a shelf life longer than any DIY piece. The good news is it’s more affordable and efficient than ever.

  • Message Matters: What are you trying to achieve? With an investment in video, one of the biggest pitfalls a company can encounter is trying to accomplish too many talking points within one video. By keeping your message focused, you’ll actually find that your clients receive it – and retain it – better. Partnering with true video professionals can ensure your video not only looks incredible, but also delivers your message clearly and effectively.

Make your video the workhorse you need, starting with these tips – and engage with a company who can take the risk out of your video investment.