A hotbed consists of fertile soil that not only sustains life, but also promotes growth. Hotbed Media is a group of concept-oriented problem solvers who partner with clients to grow an idea into a video ecosystem of knowledge, skills and culture.


Our Values

We’ve developed a set of values that have allowed our company to survive and flourish over 20 plus years. We work best with clients and organizations who appreciate our commitment to these important principles.

  • Transparency: “No secrets.”
  • Relentlessness: “Push through the pain.”
  • Process: “Stay on the rails.”
  • Clarity: “Get clear first.”
  • Fun: “Be light.”
  • Partnership: “Seek the win/win”

OUR Leadership


Jackie Robles

Executive Producer

Jackie is likely your first touchpoint at Hotbed, serving as strategic lead, main project architect and head of operations for the company. She has specialized producing and creating content for video, print, digital, events and web for over 15 years. Look for Jackie’s expertise in leading your initial consultation, devising your partnership with Hotbed, and engineering projects that work.


Brad Eustathios

Post-production/Creative Lead

Brad heads up all creative services for Hotbed, working primarily in design, animation, and postproduction. His decade of experience in editorial and motion graphics ensures Hotbed’s work is as engaging and effective as possible. You can find Brad in the details - helping drive smart concepts and strategy in early phases, and tirelessly guiding the team to bring projects over the finish line with quality.


Becki Jackson


Becki is Hotbed’s senior producer and project specialist, acting as the main informational hub and driving execution for enterprise clientele. Her professional background includes 15 years of project management, large event logistics and video production. Becki and her team will ensure your project experience is incredible, and the deliverables are finished on time, on budget and on point.


Stokes McIntyre


Stokes founded Hotbed in 1998 and is the driving force behind knowledge focused content. With a background in directing, editorial, and live production, Stokes brings film quality taste and sensibilities to the industrial, training and corporate sectors. Stokes provides leading edge innovation, guidance and clarity to all Hotbed’s relationships.