Hotbed is a video production and content studio specializing in consulting, strategizing, and creating dynamic education videos and projects..

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Hotbed is a video production studio specializing in corporate training videos, interview videos and e-learning experiences.

We’re a video production and consulting company with roots in marketing and creative filmmaking.

We believe in building strong learning projects through an ecosystem around video, including print, digital, social, events, and presentations.

We know that choosing a production company to build training/culture content is daunting, and you need a trusted partner. We’ve been working with clients across the country for over 20 years, and believe the same taste, quality and expertise should be used in training videos and culture communication.


 We've had the pleasure of working with some of today's most innovative brands:

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Video capabilities in live action and motion graphic video.

 Hotbed Media specializes in video production for corporate videos, animation, interview videos, training videos and e-learning experiences. We serve advertising, retail, consulting, construction, medical and non-profit organizations, including the following:

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Share Knowledge

Knowledge-focused content can include leader development video modules and messaging, risk communications, awareness websites or even marketing print brochures that helps customers make more informed decisions about your products and services.

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Teach Skills

Skill-based video content can train employees a new step-by step process, help children and adults learn remotely, or coach fitness and wellness. It can help teach clients log into your platforms, troubleshoot common tasks, or best practices for using your products.

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Build Culture

Culture is about sharing your values with your employees, teams, customers and community. This can includes video testimonials for recruitment, written communication about employee conduct/expectations, or website messages around quality, dedication, safety and health.

We’ve created over 700 corporate video PROJECTS ON TIME and ON BUDGET.

Now it’s time to make yours.