10 Great Podcasts About Recruiting and Hiring

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Welcome to Top 10, Recruiter.com’s weekly rundown of the best of the best in recruiting! Every Friday, we release a list of some of our favorite people, things, and ideas dominating the industry. From awesome tech tools and cool companies to great books and powerful trends, no stone in the recruiting space will be left unturned.

This Week: Top 10 Recruiting and Hiring Podcasts

The best recruiters and HR pros stay up to date on the latest trends, tools, and tactics in the field. One way to do that: Listen to the right podcasts.

We asked readers and experts alike to share some of their favorite recruiting and hiring podcasts. Check them out below:

1. Joblogues


Twice a month, hosts Joymarie Parker and Cortney Cleveland bring you candid career conversations with young professionals from around the world. Not only is Joblogues an interesting and engaging podcast in its own right, but it’s also a great way for recruiters and HR pros to keep tabs on what young professionals are looking for in their careers today.

Listen here.

2. CareerMetis


The word “metis” comes from Greek mythology. In essence, it means “wisdom” or “skill.”

CareerMetis podcast host Nissar Ahamed plays the role of wise counsellor well, whether he’s chatting with various professionals about “a day in the life” in their fields, dishing out leadership advice with help from the experts, or talking with top-tier thought leaders in the recruiting and human resources spaces.

Listen here.

3. Small Business War Stories


Definitely the winner in the category of “Best Podcast Title,” Small Business War Stories comes from the recruitment software providers at Proven. While the podcast mainly focuses on the ups and downs of running a small business, the topics of recruiting, hiring, and talent management pop up quite a bit. That should be unsurprising, considering how crucial talent is to every enterprise – and especially to small businesses.

Listen here.

4. Hiring on All Cylinders


A close second in the “Best Podcast Title” category, Hiring on All Cylinders comes from the folks at Entelo. Like most of the shows on this list, Hiring on All Cylinders focuses mainly on interviews with thought leaders. What sets Hiring on All Cylinders apart from the pack is its ability to land the heavy hitters. For example, recent guests include the director of talent acquisition and development for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Harvard Business Review’s executive editor.

Listen here.

5. HR Happy Hour


HR Happy Hour is the longest-running and most-downloaded human resources podcast. Trust us: You want to see what all the fuss is about. Go check it out now.

Listen here.

6. HBR IdeaCast


It may not be dedicated exclusively to recruiting and hiring, but Harvard Business Review’s IdeaCast is one of the best business-oriented podcasts out there. It touches on hiring-related topics from time to time, but it also looks at new technologies, company cultures, entrepreneurship, important research, and a heck of a lot more.

Listen here.

7. Nine to Thrive


From the Human Capital Institute, Nine to Thrive is perfect for those who like a more scientific approach to talent attraction and management. Recent episodes include “Where Do You Want To Go: Reaching Your Company’s Ideal Maturity State” and “Diversity & Inclusion: A 3-Tiered Approach to Addressing Assumptions to Achieve Gender Equity.”

Listen here.

8. Recruiting Future

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 1.40.59 PM

In this weekly podcast, host Matt Alder sits down with influencers and practitioners to talk about what the future has in store for recruiting and human resources. It’s impossible to predict the future, but Alder and his guests get pretty darn close.

Listen here.

9. HRExaminer Radio


The HRExaminer Radio heading covers an umbrella of different podcasts, all worth a listen, including: Big Ideas Radio, which features the stories of academics, authors, strategists, and other trailblazers; HRTech Weekly, which covers new developments in recruiting and human resources technology; and Executive Conversations, where executives talk about what makes them and their organizations thrive.

Listen here.

10. Employment Law and HR Podcast


It may not sound like the most exciting podcast in the world, but let’s face it: You need to stay updated on employment law. That’s a fact. And, to put it simply, there’s no better way to do so than with this breezy little podcast.

Listen here.

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