10 Career Blogs for the Millennial Set

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This Week: Top 10 Millennial Career Bloggers

Originally, this was going to be a list of bloggers who were millennials and who wrote about career issues in the employment market. Then, we realized that was kind of a dumb idea. What, Gen. Y is so self-involved that its members can only learn from other millennials? No way – there are plenty of non-millennial bloggers out there who offer valuable career advice to Gen. Y.

What follows, then, is a list of bloggers – some millennials, some Gen. X-ers, maybe even some boomers? We didn’t exactly go out and verify everyone’s birthdate, because that would be creepy – whom millennials should turn to when they need some career guidance.

Jenny1. Jenny Blake

Where you can read her: Life After College

Why you should read her: As the site’s title would suggest, Blake’s Life After College is all about helping recent grads make the transition from student to professional. As an author, speaker, and career coach, Blake’s self-described goal is to “help people ditch the rigidity of yesterday’s career ladder” and “treat their careers (and lives) as dynamic as the constantly customizable apps on a smart phone.” In posts like “Frustrated trying to figure out your “life purpose”? Try this one” and the “Magnetic Personal Projects” series, Blake definitely succeeds in her endeavor.

Shout-out to Lisa Lewis, founder of So Much More Career Coaching, for putting Blake on our radar.

Kayla2. Kayla Kozan

Where you can read her: Kozan’s work has appeared in numerous places around the Web, but she’s most easily found on the Ideal Candidate blog (she serves as Ideal Candidate’s marketing coordinator).

Why you should read her: Kozan’s post, “Why Millennials Make Incredible Salespeople,” landed on a couple best-blog-posts-of-the-year lists in 2015, and we can totally see why. This data-driven piece is a great illustration of what you can expect from Kozan: an analytical mindset, an emphasis on facts instead of baseless musing, and well-supported arguments that you’d be hard-pressed to refute.

J. Maureen3. J. Maureen Henderson

Where you can read her: Generation Meh

Why you should read her: It’s so hard to find a career advice blog that’s actually enjoyable to read in and of itself. No matter how good the insights are, most career blogs remind me of the well-meaning lectures my father would deliver when I was in high school. Sure, it turns out he was right about a lot, but I probably would have started taking his advice a lot sooner if he weren’t such a snoozefest.

Generation Meh is the rare career blog that is a genuine pleasure to read. Henderson’s posts often sound more like the kind of thing you’d find in a lit mag than the kind of thing you’d find on ERE (“This time last year, give or take a couple of days, I was hand-washing underwear in the bathroom sink of a Motel 6 next to the Dallas – Fort Worth airport,” a recent post begins).

Henderson’s unconventional insights serve as necessary counters to the generic career advice that litters the Web. “You weren’t ready to be who you are today five years ago. Those years were an investment, not a write-off. Enjoy the ROI. Skip the guilt,”she writes in one post. Where else are you going to find such a clear-eyed take on career paths?

Ramit4. Ramit Sethi

Where you can read him: I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Why you should read him: Ramit Sethi is going to show you how to be rich. He says so right there in the title of his website (and his bestselling book).

That’s not just big talk, though. Sethi’s blog is full of no-nonsense, highly practical advice about how to advance in your career and manage your money smartly. If you’re looking to keep your wallet fat and your bank account full, do yourself a favor and start reading Sethi’s blog.

Shout-out to Allen Walton at SpyGuy Security for putting Sethi on our radar.

Nir5. Nir Eyal

Where you can read him: Nir and Far

Why you should read him: Eyal’s blog is all about “behavior engineering,” which Eyal describes as “the applied science of psychology to design practical solutions to people’s problems.”

So, what sort of things can you expect from Nir and Far? A quick survey of the front page reveals posts on building a “zen desktop”, the intersection of humans and artificial intelligence, and why threatening to burn $100 bills is a good way to motivate yourself.

If that doesn’t make you want to check out Eyal’s blog, I don’t know what will

ben6. Ben Casnocha

Where you can read him: Casnocha.com

Why you should read him: If you want to follow an entrepreneurial path, rather than a traditional full-time employment path, then Casnocha’s blog is the blog for you. Not only does Casnocha have a wealth of knowledge on the ins and outs of starting and running a successful business, but he also has a lot to say about the overall entrepreneurial lifestyle. For example, he’s written about the loneliness that often comes with entrepreneurship and why outsiders are in the best position to innovate.

Michelle7. Michelle Ward

Where you can read her: When I Grow Up

Why you should read her: Ward is a career coach who “help[s] creative women … find career[s] that [are] not only financially rewarding, but fulfilling and meaningful, too.” She’s all about recovering the magic you felt as a child, before the grown-up world smacked you in the face and told you that following your dreams was a bad idea.

But that doesn’t mean you’re going to find any platitudes or wishful thinking on Ward’s blog. Instead, what you will find is realistic advice about how to actually make your dream career into a reality.

My favorite thing about Ward’s blog is the client case studies series, where Ward explores the very real paths that very real women have taken to “leaving soul-sucking jobs and traveling the world and launching creative, grown-up businesses and simply doing work that fits their lifestyle goals.”

Don’t think your dream career is attainable? Read these case studies first.

Kirk8. Kirk Baumann

Where you can read him: Campus to Career

Why you should read him: Much like Life After College, Baumann’s Campus to Career focuses largely on the transition from dorm room to office space. Baumann is an excellent and insightful blogger in his own right, but what I really love about Campus to Career is that Baumann has made plenty of room for guest contributors to join the conversation. This makes it so that the Campus to Career blog contains a host of different perspectives on forging a career after college. Career advice is never a one-size-fits-all matter, and the feed of distinct points of view cultivated by Baumann has a little something for everyone.

Derek9. Derek Sall

Where you can read him: Life and My Finances

Why you should read him: If you’re a millennial, there’s a good chance you’re shouldering quite a bit of debt (thanks student loans). Want to get out from under that debt as soon as possible? Sall is your man.

Check this out: Sall paid off an $18,000 debt in 14 months. When another crisis hit, he paid over a $21,000 debt in six months. He also paid off his mortgage in a scant 12 months.

What I’m saying is: Sall clearly knows how to master debt. He’s not wallowing in it – so why should you? Pick up some valuable tips and tricks from this guy ASAP.

Laurie10. Laurie Ruettimann

Where you can read her: LaurieRuettiman.com

Why you should read her: If you haven’t heard of Ruettimann already, there’s no time like the present to start following her smart and witty blog. One minute, she’s musing on her “work-life-cat balance” problems, and the next she’s teaching you how to be vulnerable at work.

Ruettiman’s blog is fun, flippant (in a good way), and packed with vital insights. She used to run a site called Punk Rock HR, and though the site is no more, that’s still, in my opinion, the best way to describe Ruettimann to the uninitiated.

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By Matthew Kosinski