4 Compelling Benefits of Recruitment Automation that HR Leaders Shouldn’t Overlook in 2022

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Automation technology is rapidly transforming the talent acquisition landscape today.

According to HubSpot’s recent “Recruiting Automation Trends” report, nearly 75% of recruitment agencies believe that technology will play an essential role in their talent acquisition strategy in the future to expedite their hiring processes.

According to a recent study, 90% of businesses already use automation technology for repetitive tasks in business processes.

Without a doubt, automation is a notable shift, so why should the recruitment and staffing industry fall behind?

Hiring managers have witnessed automation rise and quickly take over the recruitment game. In this article, we will primarily focus on a few benefits of recruitment automation that recruitment teams shouldn’t overlook in 2022.

How Recruitment Automation Can Benefit Your Team

1. Faster Resume Screening

One of the most potential applications of automation technology in hiring is candidate resume screening. Screening new job application forms are one of the talent management teams’ most time-consuming duties.

The average recruiter spends approximately 23 hours screening resumes for a single hire. Furthermore, nearly 88% of resumes submitted for a job posting are deemed unqualified.

So, how exactly can automation aid in the recruiting process?

That’s simple! By leveraging the various recruitment automation tools!

Intelligent screening software enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) technology can significantly assist talent acquisition teams in automating the resume screening process. This cutting-edge program, designed to work in tandem with an applicant tracking system (ATS), has the potential to learn about the organization’s specific hiring requirements. It can also deduce what the ideal candidate looks like by carefully observing previous hiring decisions.

When you use an automation process, you reduce the possibility of making a wrong hiring decision. It also reduces bias in the hiring process.

For example, a Silicon Valley company began using an automated software solution to scan resumes a few years ago to speed up recruitment. They used the résumé of some of their top engineers to test the system. The recruiters were curious about how their best workers would fare in the ATS and resume parser.

Employees submitted five resumes, but only three were selected. This example is a good indicator of how automation can assist in attracting the best talent and ensuring a better value for money by optimizing the interview process.

When used for screening processes, recruitment automation can help reduce time-to-hire and, as a result, cost-to-hire because it streamlines recurring, limited tasks (such as resume screening tools) that consume the majority of a recruiter’s time.

2. Remote Interview Coordination

In-person interviews necessitate a slew of follow-ups, last-minute rescheduling, and much rushing. All of that is now being done virtually. This has the potential to drive a recruiter insane!

Imagine having an assistant who could manage everything from alerting applicants and panelists about interviews conducted to checking up with them and prodding them for responses, as well as all the other small details that will go into the interview session.

Even if hundreds of people work from their homes, recruiting automation can smoothly organize interviews for you. Through notifications and follow-ups, automated processes can keep track of every stakeholder and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Recruiters spend approximately half their time managing communication with qualified applicants, clients, and other stakeholders to enable a fair hiring process.

You can quickly automate processes by using any recruitment software!

It will help you with everything right from interview scheduling and sending reminders to sending automated termination emails and syncing your stakeholders’ calendars.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is an excellent example of recruitment automation in action (LASD).

They have markedly cut the time it used to take to hire someone, which was previously eighteen months. Manual processes have been significantly reduced with automation, time-consuming background check practices, and numerous document verifications that could take hours.

3. Improved Candidate Engagement and Care

A positive experience increases job seekers’ likelihood of accepting a job offer by nearly 38%. To be effective, creating a positive candidate experience does not always have to be complicated or overly sophisticated.

To provide an effective candidate pool, hiring managers must maintain a positive connection with candidates throughout the hiring process. Recruitment agencies should interact with candidates even if prospective employers reject their applications. This is the only way to maintain and develop a key talent from which they can attract in the future.

Many applicants and qualified candidates today complain that human resources teams do not keep them up to date on the status of their applications.

Candidate nurturing tools, also known as candidate relationship management (CRM) systems, can significantly assist hiring managers. Using email automation, these tools enable recruiters to engage even passive candidates.

These models also improve candidate engagement by keeping them up to date on their actual situation through the entire hiring process. A CRM system can also assist a hiring manager in lowering the cost-per-hire.

Difficult times reveal our true selves as organizations and recruiters. It isn’t easy to provide a positive candidate experience while juggling all the added duties of remote work. Even in difficult times, simple things like communication and empathy can go a long way towards making the candidate experience enjoyable.

You can automate all the essential updates and emails, freeing up your time to focus on other types of communication that require more attention and consideration. Candidates will not feel helpless in the procedure because the system will send out email alerts when a candidate is progressed, when an interview is planned, and if they do not get the job.

4. Automated Pre-Hire Assessments to Reduce Bias

Hiring biases are genuine, as we all know. And while not always deliberate, such factors have significant implications on your company’s core growth.

According to a Yale University study, male and female scientists who took a training course on objective hiring refused to implement aside their biases. The findings revealed that they still preferred to hire men over women, regarded men as more skilled, and paid men about $4,000 more per year.

The study’s findings perplexed the study participants. They were amazed to discover that their bias was entirely unconscious.

Furthermore, many workplace age discrimination complaints are filed annually in the United States. Recruiters can benefit significantly from automation in reducing such hiring biases.

Pre-hiring assessment portals can be significant for measuring relevant qualities and traits, automatically ranking the best candidates scored based, and mitigating the possibility of hiring biases interfering with selecting candidates.

According to one study, while pre-hiring assessment models have some limitations, they are a more equitable alternative to traditional hiring practices.

Recruiters can select from a variety of available pre-employment assessments. These are simple tests designed to determine an individual’s suitability for the open spot.

While some of these automated assessments assess cognitive capacity, situational behavior, and other personal characteristics, others assess suitable candidates‘ technological expertise.

For these purposes, recruiters who want to eliminate hiring bias should try incorporating this model into their existing workflows.

If you’re unsure how to use automation to its maximum potential, contact us at Recruiter.com. In addition to automated tools, we provide on-demand recruiters to assist you with your talent acquisition success.


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