6 Reasons to Hire Conscious Leaders

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Finding the right leadership team is critical for any organization, but it’s no secret that identifying, retaining, and developing exceptional leaders can be challenging. As the workplace has changed, what employers and employees expect from leaders has shifted, focusing on open communication, employee well-being, fair and transparent decision-making, and the ability to inspire and empower teams.

Recruiting exceptional leaders doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but if you want to find people who will help your employees thrive and shape healthy company culture, you need to hire conscious candidates. Keep reading to discover how conscious leaders promote happy, productive teams and drive business success.

What Is Conscious Leadership?

Conscious leadership is a highly impactful leadership style designed to fit the modern world of work. This evolved approach focuses on self-awareness and personal insight, with conscious leaders having the knowledge and awareness to lead themselves and their teams to success.

Leaders who operate consciously can do the following:

  • Connect to themselves and learn what they need to work sustainably
  • Commit to continuous growth and understand that learning is constant
  • Prioritize self-care and recognize signs of burnout
  • Create an inclusive work environment where everyone feels like they matter
  • Act with purpose and stay on track

Why Conscious Leaders Are Invaluable to Your Organisation

Successful Leadership Is Grounded in Self-Awareness

In a study by Korn Ferry, data on the stock performance of 486 publicly traded companies showed that organizations with strong financial performance tend to have employees with higher overall self-awareness. Harvard research indicates that working with self-aware colleagues decreases stress, improves motivation, and boosts retention, making employees happier and more productive. 

Self-aware leaders strengthen individual and organizational performance with critical skills for success that help them — and their teams — thrive. By being “aware,” leaders are more likely to show empathy towards employees, accept honest feedback and have a real opinion of their contributions without taking too much credit or shifting blame onto others. These behaviors enable executives to create positive work environments successfully.

Emotional Intelligence Improves Communication

To be self-aware, you must also possess high emotional intelligence. Communication and capacity for teamwork are essential soft skills for effective leaders, and it’s in these areas that conscious executives excel.

Conscious leaders can understand their own and others’ emotions, which helps them manage their behavior and foster happy, engaged, and productive teams. When employees feel that leaders understand and empathize with their thoughts and feelings, they typically become more receptive to open communication and can build positive professional relationships that benefit everyone. 

Leaders Who Take Care of Their Well-being Set a Good Example for Employees

Leaders who prioritize their health and well-being encourage employees to do the same. Culture change in any business starts at the top, so senior-level executives must set a positive example. By ensuring employees that self-care and a good work-life balance are essential, conscious leaders can prevent burnout across whole teams.

Conscious Leaders Empower Their Teams

In a recent survey of over 400 employees, 87% cited access to professional development or career growth opportunities as crucial to their decision to stay or leave. Through empathetic leadership and open communication, conscious leaders can support the development needs of their employees, empowering them to grow and become the best versions of themselves.

Conscious leadership doesn’t just help your business boost performance — it can also improve employee engagement, increase retention and make your people more committed to your organization.

It Becomes Easier to Create Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Psychological safety at work describes an environment where employees feel they can be themselves and speak up without fear of negative consequences.

Creating safe and healthy cultures requires a good level of self-awareness and a connection with one’s teams, so conscious leaders are well placed for such a task. Through their openness and empathy, aware leaders can implement inclusive and safe working environments where their teams can work optimally.

A Growth Mindset Drives Performance

A genuinely conscious leader knows that learning is constant and isn’t afraid of failure. This commitment to betterment enables leaders to hit their personal development goals while working towards broader organizational goals, a win-win for company growth.

Within happy, motivated, and well-supported teams, a contagious growth mindset, drives performance and greater creativity. As well as making leaders more productive, conscious leadership can motivate and inspire everyone within your company.


Natasha Wallace is the Founder and CEO of The Conscious Leadership Company.


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By Natasha Wallace