5 Creative Recruitment Strategies to Attract More Good Candidates and Fill Open Positions Faster

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The amount of elite talent now has a broader range of career options since the number of enterprises in your niche is constantly increasing. This means that recruiting competent applicants is more complex than ever for recruiters.

Recruiters no longer choose prospects in today’s candidate-driven employment market. Candidates are the ones who get to choose. According to research from the Society for Human Resource Management, there are millions of job openings with little interest in filling them.

You must adopt innovative, out-of-the-box recruiting methods to attract the most significant personnel. This requires you to examine your existing recruitment approach and ask yourself the following questions:

What can we do to improve our hiring strategy? What is the most efficient way to hire new employees? What are my market competitors doing, and how can I defeat them?

Here are five ideas for attracting and engaging potential candidates:

Top 5 Creative Recruitment Strategies to Attract More Applicants

1. Enhance the Applicant Experience From the Outset

Over 60% of job searchers have had a lousy applicant experience, and 72% have decided to express their unhappiness publicly. Your company’s culture is reflected in the candidate experience you deliver. As a result, it is a significant deciding element. Specifically, 83% of candidates believe that unpleasant experiences might harm their impressions of a company.

So what can you do to improve the candidate experience?

  • Compelling job descriptions should be simple and easy to understand. The job posting should highlight the most exciting features of the job while also summarizing the primary tasks, qualifications, and skills required for the role.
  • Create a comprehensive FAQ page with extensive answers to your candidates’ most often asked queries. Make a podcast or video series about your company’s principles and missions.
  • Chatbots can be integrated into your website or social media accounts. It will recognize a candidate’s keywords and present them with relevant, tailored, and correct responses. A candidate can better grasp your organization and the role in real-time, allowing them to make a more informed decision.
  • Concentrate on mobile recruitment. Ensure that your website sprints on mobile devices and that consumers can easily transition from your main website to your careers section. About 45% of job seekers use their mobile devices to look for professional possibilities, and 89% say that mobile experiences are vital in job hunting.

2. Plan Group Activities

To analyze potential hires, try out effective recruitment tactics and procedures, including group activities and evaluation centers. As they connect with potential coworkers, candidates can determine whether they are a good fit for your role and team. You can also use group activities to imitate job tasks and see how candidates deal with issues that are relevant to your part.

Assessment days are commonly held by airlines to pick recruits. In their employment process, British Airways, for example, uses a combination of role-playing and presentation events.

When employing junior employees who may lack work experience or struggle to provide professional examples of how they use their skills, companies can benefit from assessment centers.

Vodafone’s Graduate Programme holds Discovery Days to assess candidates’ aptitude through group activities.

Make sure you tell candidates how long the interview would take ahead of time, as these activities take longer than formal interviews.

3. Host Killer Recruitment Events Like Virtual Job Fairs

Organizing a recruitment event is a fantastic way to broaden your talent pool. Most importantly, it allows you to form stronger bonds with potential applicants and notice things that their CVs cannot.

Here are some things to consider while organizing a recruitment event.

  • An open-house event may be ideal for you if you’re a smaller firm looking to create relationships in a more personal way. In this situation, your goal is to establish a welcoming environment where your guests can meet and interact with your staff.

For example, CarGurus organized in-house and external events to meet with potential candidates, including inviting them to sports games.

  • A job fair could be organized by larger organizations in prominent fields like IT or tourism with significant staff turnover rates. If you’re a member of this group, make sure you plan ahead of time. 

You may pitch your company in virtual fairs of universities worldwide via video chat, messaging apps, or virtual presentations.

While being present to chat with prospects in person is preferred, virtual access to these job fairs allows you to interact with significantly more people. Quantity is an appealing option for recruiters looking to fill their prospect pools with future candidates regarding hiring methods.

  • Create event pages and social media events, second. Send email invitations, post regular social media updates, and list your event in major event directories to promote them broadly. This phase should be carried out consistently till the event day.

Analyze the outcomes after the event has ended. The quantity of attendees does not always indicate the success of an event. It would be best if you examined how it influenced your hiring procedures. Have you set a goal for increasing brand awareness or obtaining a certain number of applications? You’ll be able to assess your ROI and, more importantly, determine what strategies work and don’t work for job searchers in your industry if you track the performance of your event.

4. Apply Gamification Tactics

Companies can use gamification in recruitment to see past resumes and attract the best candidates.

To illustrate job activities and interactively evaluate candidates’ performance, use game design and rules (e.g., clearing levels and earning badges). You can utilize software to create a gamified recruitment process as part of your out-of-the-box recruiting techniques.

Gamification can also be leveraged to boost engagement for your employee referral program and to attract job seekers through job postings on the job board of your choice.

Unilever uses 20-minute games early in the employment process to test new grads more quickly and fairly.

5. Use AI and Search Engine Tools to Your Advantage

Approximately 76% of recruiting managers believe that employing AI in recruitment can increase hiring quality significantly, especially if you easily integrate it with your applicant tracking system (ATS). Similarly, using search engine tools allows recruiters to save a significant amount of time.

However, ranking on the top page of Google for anything is difficult. Moreover, without an SEO specialist’s support, a few search engine approaches and tactics can help you improve your recruiting strategy.

 Recruitment is more complex than ever, but it’s even more difficult for hiring teams stuck with outdated tactics and technologies. Since there are so many job listings, yours must stand out.

IBM stated that artificial intelligence helped them save $300 million in employment costs. While AI might help you save money on hiring people in the short term, it can also help you save money in the long run.

That’s where innovative thinking and technology like text messaging and recruiting automation comes in, and you don’t have to be a large corporation to use them. Improving or changing your recruitment strategy can help you increase the number of qualified candidates. Experiment with different channels to discover what works.

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